Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long Time Gone...

    ...and 6 months later, she posts again. Wow. We'll play a little catch up before going into the now! That 3-on-3 tournament the guys played in? Yep, they definitely won it. It was great to watch! As celebration, we bought Jeremiah a new pair of basketball shoes...only because he threw his in the trash after the last game of the season at NEC.
     The internship with the NH Fisher Cats actually turned into a paying job! They paid for gas.. that was about it. But seriously, what a great experience for him. He met great people and definitely learned a lot about the business side of sports, along with what he does and does not want to do when choosing a career.
     We both rounded out the school year on high notes and with that I went to visit my dad for two weeks. That two week vacation quickly turned into a month long when my dad tore his Patella tendon, along with other muscles in his left leg, resulting in knee surgery. Oh, and also had damaged muscles in his right leg resulting in no walking. How did this travesty happen, you may be asking? Well let me put your mind at ease with this story:
     Once upon a time, there was a girl named Janika Dohnson, who was visiting her wonderful father, Gave Doodwin. Gave was the kind of guy who liked to play jokes on people. He would be as straight faced as ever while making someone believe him. So Gave had this amazing girlfriend named... Mandi RcDougall. Janika convinced Mandi to invite her grandchildren over so she could meet them. While the dogs were outside trying to catch squirrels, Mandi's grandson had the urge to feed peanuts to the squirrels. So, Gave went inside and retrieved peanuts. Mandy and Janika watched through the window as Gave lifted the small child up to place a peanut on the fence. When doing so, Gave collapsed and rolled onto his front, lying there. Well, being the joker that he is, Mandy and Janika waited for him to stand up and say something along the lines of, "Nobody would have helped me if I was hurt? Hello! I'm hurt!" and then lie back down. Minutes later,  the young boy came in to report that, "The guy is hurt, ooh he's hurt real bad." To which Mandi and Janika finally responded, and went outside to help. As Gave tried to pull himself back up onto the deck, he seemed to have hurt the other leg as well.
      Not a glamorous story by any means, but a cute one to say the least. Anyway, he's doing rehabilitation on his left knee now, so it's improving day by day. He's graduated from a walker to a cane, so that's good news.
     Another nugget of good news, we've moved back to Port Angeles! It was a quick decision, but the right one. The process reminded me of when we got married -- everything just fell into place so, why fight it? Jeremiah is working in the Athletic Department at Peninsula College as the Activities Director. His very first grown up job and I couldn't be more proud!
   As for me, I'm working as a paraeducator at Franklin Elementary and assistant coaching the PC women's basketball team. More updates with these shenanigans another time. I could do a whole blog on our roadtrip back here alone!.. but, I'll save that.

 vvvv This was how sad we were to be leaving was devastating. But in all seriousness, New Hampshire and all the people we were fortunate enough to meet have impacted our life so much! The hardest part was saying goodbye, knowing that some of those people we may never see again. But as they say, there are no goodbyes, only see ya laters. So, Henniker, thank you for the amazing two years and the memories that go along with it.. We truly love our New Hampshire family!

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