Friday, May 30, 2014


        A lot of my friends have had babies recently. Let me just say, the Baby Fever has NEVER hit so hard! At least I have babies around me to keep my fix under control. I love my friends so much, and each one of them that are now (or are soon to be!) moms have such amazing role models in motherhood. Sure, at times it makes me sad to think that my mom won't be there when I have my children, won't be there to answer my
questions, and won't be there to help me when I'm at my wits end. But I find so much comfort in the fact that my Heavenly Father gave me the best mother for me. He gave me a mother to whom I could look back on my childhood and recall all the wonderful things that she did for my sister and I. I can look back on my memories of my mom with fondness, and sure, longing every once in a while, but mostly how to be the best mother I can be.
           Also, on the plus side, all of these friends of mine who are having cute little babies will be experts by the time it's my turn! I will not only have one mother to seek help and advice from, but SO MANY! I love each of them, and while there is a pang of jealousy in each new cute little baby that pops up, I can't help but love every one of them and know that each of them are in such great hands, and have such loving parents. Heavenly Father really does have a plan, and I love seeing each of these wonderful friends of mine helping all these souls come to the veil to receive their own little bodies. :) 

        I have a mother-in-law who raised 4 very amazing, and very different, independent citizens and extraordinary human beings! I can't imagine having to go through any of the rest of my life without her guidance and companionship. There are so many amazing women in my life who I know that when the time comes, I can turn to. So many women who have not only taken on the role of "mother" for me when I need them, but even when I didn't think I did. All these "moms" of mine have given me some kind of unique quality or teaching to pass on to my children. I'm lucky to have learned so much from all of you ladies!

       Jeremiah hasn't quite jumped in on the Baby Train yet, but it's only a matter of time -- I mean, he is getting pretty old! In all seriousness, it will be nice that when we do both know that the time is right, we'll have our education completed, and will only be interested on earning more of it than we need. 

In late news..
       WE ARE HOMEOWNERS!! Our first home is officially ours. We couldn't be more thrilled! Of course, there will be a photo tour. If only we'd taken as many "before" photos as we'd planned. I guess you could say that we've been too eager! We've already finished so many projects, but you can bet your bottom that there are an endless amount left. 

       Naturally, Jeremiah has his aquarium set up. That was our second big purchase -- the first, being the TV on Black Friday of course! Since we got the keys in November, it's FINALLY starting to feel like a home, which I love! Jeremiah has been working so hard, and the house and yards look incredible. Boone likes all the space he has to run and play, too... not to mention all the "prizes" he's dug up in the back yard. Safe to say he's dug up a grave yard back there. So many bones (not human, duh)!

Oh... and did I mention that he has a new girlfriend? Her name is Harley... Looks like the Johnson family and the Haguewood family will soon be merged!... just kidding.     

  I've been working this year as a Para Educator at an elementary school, while doing online school through Western Governor's University to earn my Elementary/Special Education degrees. It's definitely been a rewarding experience, not to mention challenging. I love being able to do what I know I'm meant to do each day. I can apply everything that I'm learning in my classes to my work, which makes me a better learner. I get discouraged because I still have over a year and a half of school left to do. That being said, there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I know what I'm supposed to be doing, and it will be so worth it in the end. 

       In other news, Maranda is here visiting! And then Pam and Lani come June 6th, and then Lewis comes the day Maranda leaves, June 14th. It's so fun to be able to have visitors in our home without worrying about having enough space for everyone. We love love LOVE sharing our home with our family and friends (yes, that's an invitation for all!).


Thursday, October 10, 2013

Long Time Gone...

    ...and 6 months later, she posts again. Wow. We'll play a little catch up before going into the now! That 3-on-3 tournament the guys played in? Yep, they definitely won it. It was great to watch! As celebration, we bought Jeremiah a new pair of basketball shoes...only because he threw his in the trash after the last game of the season at NEC.
     The internship with the NH Fisher Cats actually turned into a paying job! They paid for gas.. that was about it. But seriously, what a great experience for him. He met great people and definitely learned a lot about the business side of sports, along with what he does and does not want to do when choosing a career.
     We both rounded out the school year on high notes and with that I went to visit my dad for two weeks. That two week vacation quickly turned into a month long when my dad tore his Patella tendon, along with other muscles in his left leg, resulting in knee surgery. Oh, and also had damaged muscles in his right leg resulting in no walking. How did this travesty happen, you may be asking? Well let me put your mind at ease with this story:
     Once upon a time, there was a girl named Janika Dohnson, who was visiting her wonderful father, Gave Doodwin. Gave was the kind of guy who liked to play jokes on people. He would be as straight faced as ever while making someone believe him. So Gave had this amazing girlfriend named... Mandi RcDougall. Janika convinced Mandi to invite her grandchildren over so she could meet them. While the dogs were outside trying to catch squirrels, Mandi's grandson had the urge to feed peanuts to the squirrels. So, Gave went inside and retrieved peanuts. Mandy and Janika watched through the window as Gave lifted the small child up to place a peanut on the fence. When doing so, Gave collapsed and rolled onto his front, lying there. Well, being the joker that he is, Mandy and Janika waited for him to stand up and say something along the lines of, "Nobody would have helped me if I was hurt? Hello! I'm hurt!" and then lie back down. Minutes later,  the young boy came in to report that, "The guy is hurt, ooh he's hurt real bad." To which Mandi and Janika finally responded, and went outside to help. As Gave tried to pull himself back up onto the deck, he seemed to have hurt the other leg as well.
      Not a glamorous story by any means, but a cute one to say the least. Anyway, he's doing rehabilitation on his left knee now, so it's improving day by day. He's graduated from a walker to a cane, so that's good news.
     Another nugget of good news, we've moved back to Port Angeles! It was a quick decision, but the right one. The process reminded me of when we got married -- everything just fell into place so, why fight it? Jeremiah is working in the Athletic Department at Peninsula College as the Activities Director. His very first grown up job and I couldn't be more proud!
   As for me, I'm working as a paraeducator at Franklin Elementary and assistant coaching the PC women's basketball team. More updates with these shenanigans another time. I could do a whole blog on our roadtrip back here alone!.. but, I'll save that.

 vvvv This was how sad we were to be leaving was devastating. But in all seriousness, New Hampshire and all the people we were fortunate enough to meet have impacted our life so much! The hardest part was saying goodbye, knowing that some of those people we may never see again. But as they say, there are no goodbyes, only see ya laters. So, Henniker, thank you for the amazing two years and the memories that go along with it.. We truly love our New Hampshire family!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

We're back!

    After discontinuing the blogging.. there was a gaping hole in my life. A hole that could have easily been filled with school work, yet, here I am. :) In recent Johnson news..

     We are officially retired from basketball..Yay! As much as we know we're going to miss it, we're still enjoying the freedom. Jeremiah gets to play in a 3-on-3 tournament this Saturday with his new bestie who lives in the next town over. He's definitely pumped for that.. and yes, he will be sporting his NWAACC Championship ring while he's not playing. He only wears it on special occasions, and this is definitely one of those occasions.

 Jeremiah got an internship with the New Hampshire FisherCats! The FisherCats is the minor league baseball team based out of Manchester, about 45 minutes from good ol' Henniker. He'll be able to sit in on all of the big-wig meetings and do all the fancy business stuff that goes with running a successful sports team. The most exciting part for me? The potential free tickets to the games. :) Can't say I'm disappointed in that! He's got one more year left of school because of the double-major, and a very high percentage of those who receive the internships he has now get placed in a job with the team right after graduating college. He's in a good spot, and we're so grateful for all the friends who helped him get this amazing opportunity!

     As for me, I'm still working at White Birch and yes, I still love it. I have my own class in the afternoons with the kindergarten kids, and I work the before and after school programs with the 5-13 year olds. I must say, as much as I love what I'm doing right now, I can't wait for summertime! Field trips 3 days a week, swimming 1 day a week, games everyday. Not only is it fun, but it's rewarding to see the kids interacting with one another and do make new relationships with them, and to also build on the ones we already have. I still have about a year and a half left in school -- that's what I get for college-hopping. Majoring in Elementary and Special Education seems to be the best decision I've made so far.. Well... it's in the top three (I bet you can guess the other two!).

    In other news, our baby boy is doing just fine! Aside from him being in the bratty puppy stage, Boone is turning into a fine young lad. Jeremiah finally broke down his big rule of Boone not being allowed on the couch, but look at that face.. is this a face you could say no to? Of course not! He's getting huge though. At 5 months he's almost half of his full grown size. Huge mama's boy though.. but I'm not complaining. :)... and yes, that's our new truck he's driving!